Spring can stay forever if it wants

2 May

Trout are stupid. Or…I’m just too stupid to catch them. I think I’m really just programmed for warm water. When you make me wear a pair of waders outside of duck season and it’s just a bad day. Trout played with my emotions all winter long.

brown trout

You know those days when everything aligns and you have one of the best days fishing in months? I had trouble remembering one.

When a buddy basically begs you to take his boat out while he is out of town for a wedding, you don’t say no.

After a an hour round trip to get the boat, and a 30-45 minute boat ride in a thunderstorm – the day didn’t seem like it was in our favor. As we sat in an all but confusing conversation about what part of a shoal that a white bass prefers during spawn – we found one of those magical spots in the river – the ones you hear about at the fly shop – one of the spots where a fish will eat anything you throw at them and destroy a clouser.

Richie with white bass

We answered our question –  it was at the top of the shoal. It didn’t take long for us to lose count of the number of fish we had caught. The bend that 3-4 lb white and hybrid bass can put in an 8wt will continuously blow my mind.

white bass

Before you know it, you’ve been on the water for 8 hours.

A love letter to Senyo’s Laser Dub.

30 Jan

Dear Laser Dub,

I love you.


In all seriousness, though. It’s awesome stuff. Pile Cast has had me wanting to try it for a while, mostly due to “Chewy’s” head. But finally after watching Brian Wise tie with it at Dally’s Streamer Love Fest last weekend, I had to buy a bunch of it.

The heads you can make with it are amazing. After my first run with it, I crafted this beast of a bluegill. What’s even more awesome, is that it holds its shape in the water.

laser dub bluegill flyTonight I decided to try tying some articulated action, since the Streamer Love Fest me itching to try it. I went with Mike Shmidt’s Voodoo Squatch. I tried to scale it down a little for smallmouth and ran out of olive marabou.

voodoo squatchWatch Brian’s video for a better idea, though.


So… How do I triple my income and not have to go to work anymore?

22 Jan

I’m really trying to figure that out. Luckily, I don’t hate my job – I’d just rather be doing something like this everyday:

ROAM THIS PLACE from RockHouse Motion on Vimeo.

Fly Giveaway!

11 Dec

Since it’s the holidays and apparently the season for giveaways, I figure I should jump in on the fun. I’ve been tying a lot of flies lately, so why not give some away?

giveaway!Win a random grab bag of flies that I’ve overtied lately by going to the Feather & Scale Facebook page and hitting the ol’ like button. We all know that the true intended use of Facebook was to enter giveaways, anyhow. Once you’ve liked the page, share the post on Facebook or Twitter. Then, leave a comment on this post telling me you’ve done so before midnight next Monday (the 17th). After that I’ll fire up the random number generator and pick a winner. In case you’re the TLDR type:

1. Like Feather & Scale on Facebook

2. Share this post on Facebook

3. Leave a comment on this post (on the blog) and tell me you did all that

4. Ends midnight on Monday, December 17th!

Ties of the week – Tim’s Moppet and Bowen’s Baitfish

7 Dec

With all this darkness I have to deal with getting home from work at 7pm, all I’ve wanted to do lately is tie flies. I think I finally nailed these patterns this week, or at least came close to it.
I started the week tying Bowen’s Baitfish, which I first saw on the Gink and Gasoline blog a while back.

I think I came pretty close, but I think some Clear Cure Goo would make finishing the fly much easier than the runny, slow drying head cement that I’m currently dealing with. I also figured out very quickly that polar fiber makes tying this fly much easier than using craft fur.
Bowen's Baitfish

Tim’s Moppet was my next experiment. I was pretty excited about trying this guy after seeing the shot of it in action at the beginning of the video. I think it will work great for smallies next spring.

After a couple of dubbing loop explosions and not so pretty attempts, I think I got pretty close. I think I still need to work on getting the dubbing thicker.
Tim's Moppet

These fairly simple ties, give them a try this weekend.

Lowcountry for Thanksgiving

3 Dec

redfish tailAfter a failed attempt at a family vacation during the summer, my mom had the idea for our family to spend Thanksgiving in Charleston, SC. Naturally, thoughts of redfish immediately exploded in my head leaving me extremely down for the trip. I started emailing people that I knew lived in the area for recon to assist my redfish goal.

I made the decision to set up a trip with a guide as a birthday present to myself since Continue reading

Sometimes you have work to do. Most times, you’d rather be fishing.

24 Oct

Here’s some videos to hold you over until the weekend, just in case you haven’t seen them yet.

I’m needing a trip like this soon. I’m looking at you, local budz. Great work, Montana Wild.

WILD & CLEAR from Montana Wild on Vimeo.

Now, some brown trout porn from Yukon Goes Fishing:

What Can Browns Do For You? from Yukon Goes Fishing on Vimeo.

and more from Troutification:

Beetles & Mayflies from Troutification on Vimeo.


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